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10 Steps to start your online business

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10 Steps to start your online business

10 Steps to start your online business

1) Conduct your product and Keywords Research

When your business is being conducted online you will need the following two “Product and keyword research.” What a keyword does for your product it assist the search engine marketing system (SEM) for your product to be placed on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your product plays as the income role, while your keyword plays the funnel for your online business when both are joint you’ll successfully have your first online income stream.

2) Write a business strategy

Planning an online business is important you’ll have to plot a goal, strategize your website market ideas, and find ways to bring traffic to your business. Keep in mind having a positive mindset will increase your ideas more, and learning the online program can boost your enthusiasm “the more energy, the higher the income.” keep in mind write out your plans first, and take it into action.


3) Crowdfunding

Image result for crowdfunding pics

You’re asking yourself “Where to start your ideas and how can I approach my ideas with income?” Think no harder crowdfunding is the most reliable way to gain income along presenting your business ideas. The best online tool to use of course is (Kickstarter), the most lucrative software to get the promotion you need for your business, rather if your online company is a 501c3 (Community Non-Profit), or 501c19 (Government Non-Profit). Crowdfunding is a smart way to have your online business in shape, and can also increase your volume with programs, also for your company’s presentation always have an introduction with (How to’s) which we will be covering later on.

4) Setting up your online business location

When having an online business, or a business period it’s important to have your clients know where your company is located. Now there are numerous ways to target your audience into funneling them in your office, building, or even a man cave “If most business owners keep it that real.” with an URL it can be the location of your website, in digital term a (Landing Page). With the landing page, it increases clicks into your website and traffic depending on where you embed your link to lead your viewers. Another great tool is the Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO), where you have the name, address, and phone number search engine plugin on the right side of Google’s search engine list format.


5) Choosing a digital formula

As a digital marketer finding online formulas are highly imperative if you want to increase your online business and earn income. Formulas are ideas to place for your system to gain traffic and income, but it can’t be randomly formatted, that can affect your website and social media traffic. There are three formula examples that can be given out…

  • eBay+Social Media+PayPal=$$$

  • Website+eBay+Social Media+PayPal=$$$

  • Website+Affiliate+Product+Social Media+PayPal=$$$

Now be aware when planning out your own formulas it must make sense, and be well placed to increase your chance for residual income only if it’s well formatted.

6) Choosing your online business brandImage result for branding

To have customers remember your services, they have to remember your brand. Catch customers attention with a logo, color, and name a logo, of course, is what your company stand for with a catchy logo that customers can remember will always give your clients that will come back for services, and know when they need your services. The name of your business will forever live on depending on how you put your name out into the world with your website and social media, or just social media. The color of your brand is the creativity of your company with a creative combination of colors on your logo, or title costumers will find your online company interesting. To keep your brands intact you’ll need a federal tax id for copyrights, always keep your business secured and never have it embezzled.

7) Workshops

The class is in session workshops can play an educational role in your online company or company. With workshops, you can teach individuals what your products are about, and how you can serve other people with your platform depending on how you formulate your company. Workshops are key for traffic, and even income for your business a great software tool to get started on your workshops is (Event brite). Event brite is an online tool to set up your ideas to present your business for conferences, educational purposes, and parties. Another great way to set up your business through Event brite is a payment plan where you can set up a fee for anyone that is interested in your workshop to pay for their tickets online.

8) Conferences

To add a little fun and networking, conferences are the funnel pool of entrepreneurs. As an online business owner conferences are the networking platform to better set up your business ideas and tools you need to enhance your online business, if possible your looking for advertisers conferences are the B2B (Business to Business) system for entrepreneurs to meet and greet masterminding ways to formulate your online company.

List of suggested conferences…

  • Affiliate Summit
  • ANME (Army Navy Military Expo)
  • CES
  • Collision
  • Small Business Expo

9) Open a business account

If you’re ready to aim high for your online business begin to open a business bank account and gain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) to better your market for your business and receive the income from your affiliates.

10) Using the EBSC (Entrepreneur Business Support Center)

With these nine tips and tricks to get you started the EBSC is the opportunity source to help strive to your goal! with our lessons and formulas, we will show you the ways to connect your online business to products. As a digital marketer, there are many ways of making income. From social media to paid ads. There are billions of dollars in niches and in most online industries (Uber, eBay, Amazon, etc.). You will learn how to market, build, leverage, and scale your online business through our digital marketing education platform (Wealthy Affiliate). Start turning your ideas into cash and set yourself up for retirement and lifetime income! The EBSC provides the right formulas and careers for entrepreneur-minded individuals, so you can enjoy the freedom with family and friends, do for self, and be your own boss!


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